Feedback from people who have been on a course

What people said about the Effective writing course:

I learnt lots of new techniques.

I picked up some useful tips for writing at all levels.

Clarified a lot of writing skills.

I now know where to start.

Thank you for giving me your time and feedback.  This is very constructive and will help develop my writing skills. 

The course was very informative and I’m using the advice given on a daily basis! 

The concept of refining and understanding the key message of a written piece was very helpful. I now feel more able to focus my writing on what is important to communicate and can adapt the style to suit different audiences. 

Made me really think about how I approach writing documents, letters and emails.

I will plan and think of the message before writing.

Will save time.

I am much more confident.

I feel able to write more effectively now.

What people said about the course on How to write a journal article:

I now have a technique for planning when writing and a different perspective on editing my work. 

Reduces the time spent writing.

Really challenging – made for a very effective learning session

What people said about Olivia Timbs:

No nonsense and a good sense of humour.

Very confident and engaging; fab speaker.

Olivia is clearly hugely knowledgable and incredibly helpful so that if you expressed a specific outcome you wanted from the course, she’d check in that you had achieved that or were well on the way

It was a diverse group and Olivia fostered positive interaction and there was a good group dynamic.