In addition to her background in journalism, Olivia Timbs also has considerable experience as a Board member and trustee:

Pharmaceutical Press (2002-2012)

Pharmaceutical Press publishes databases, academic textbooks and journals. Olivia was Editorial Director PJ Publications (a division of Press) from 2002 and executive member of Pharmaceutical Press Board from 2003. The board grappled with impact of digital technology on traditional formats. She honed her change managements skills and developed her inclusive management style.

Medicom Publishing (UK) Ltd (1992-1999)

Editorial/Publishing Director from 1993; Managing Director 1994. Medicom is an international medical communications and education agency.

Governing Council Marlborough College (1989-2001)

School went through significant change: girls were admitted from 13; the Council’s governance arrangements were overhauled. In time of major upheaval important role in ensuring new headmaster appointed and school’s reputation maintained.

Governing Council of Children’s Society (early 1980s)

Supported Society staff with acceptance of homosexual couples as foster parents in face of opposition from conservative Council members.

Marlborough College Charitable Funds (current)

Chair of trustees of charitable funds which supports alumni/ae of the school and provides bursaries for their dependants.

Marlburian Club President (2015/6)   

Ethics Committee of King Edward VII Hospital London(current)

Lay member of committee that offers advice to hospital managers to ensure clinicians follow best practice and clinical trials undertaken to high ethical standards.