What is TimbsComms?

TimbsComms is a niche communications agency. It is led by Olivia Timbs who is part of a network of professional trainers and communicators. 

Olivia has over 30 years’ experience in journalism and publishing, gained from working on national papers and for the specialist health and medical press. 

Olivia is an accredited trainer of courses in Effective writing, for anyone who finds writing challenging, on How to write academic papers and get them published, for aspiring academics whatever their discipline, and she can also help scientists and healthcare professionals interested in developing their journalistic skills. The first two courses are available through the Guardian Masterclasses programme.

Other members of her network have a deep understanding of the challenges facing health professionals and scientists, in the UK and abroad, who need to communicate effectively

So if you find writing difficult, want to increase the chances of seeing your academic paper published in your target journal; or if you want to improve your presentation skills or be confident that you can handle a tricky press conference, just get in touch and we will find someone to help you.